Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Write You a Scheme in 48 Hours"

I just finished Write Yourself a Scheme in 48 Hours.  How was it?

Well, it positions itself as a Haskell tutorial.  In that function, I think it fails miserably.  It uses many language features with no introduction or explanation.  Given how different Haskell is from the dominant programming languages, this works badly as a tutorial.  Other Haskell features are explained in the section after they were first used -- by the time you get to the explanation, you have already hit hoogle or another tutorial to find the explanation for yourself.  In short, it is in no danger of unseating Learn You a Haskell as the Haskell tutorial of choice.

However, when used as a set of exercises after completing LYAH, "Write Yourself a Scheme" does well, very well.  WYAS seems to be a work in progress, and exercises are missing for the latter few chapters.  But I found the first few sets of exercises very instructive. I did find myself referring often to outside resources, but it's clear that the author intends that -- and at this stage of learning, it's a good thing for me. 

Next up: Real World Haskell

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