Saturday, February 26, 2011

On Monad Tutorials

I recently read the opinion that reading monad tutorials prematurely does little good, and is the cause of much frustration*.  I've got to agree with this; I wasted a lot of time trying to understand monad tutorials before I was ready.  There are a bazillion blog posts out there that introduce the reader to monads, all studiously linked from reddit etc.  Some of them are fine and useful if you read them when you are ready. 

When are you ready?  When you
  • have worked your way through Learn You a Haskell to the point where you've read its monad chapter
  • are looking for another take on monads
  • have some time to spend writing some monadic code.  
The previously mentioned "Write Yourself a Scheme" was a great opportunity to learn to write monadic code from a consumers' point of view.  Now I need to find a reason to write my first monad.

*I don't recall where, or I'd link it.   

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